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Jersey Whalers Tryout Information

2021-22 Jersey Shore Whalers Tryouts

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Program Overview

Jersey Shore Whalers 2021-22 Program Overview

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See what some families and players have to say about the Whalers

"A letter doesn’t seem like nearly enough to convey how grateful we are for everything the Whalers have done for Isaac.  This has been a smooth and enjoyable two years for us-thank you for taking “us” in and giving Isaac the opportunities you did as well as a hockey home. His development and level of play is a testimony to you coaches and the whole Whaler organization. Top notch people (shout out to our goalie coach!), trainer and EMT staff, a great locker room, excellent communication, and the best video and commentating in the USP3! 

The team welcomed him, and he fit in from the start.  Billeting  last year was a great experience for Isaac; this year he ended up being a real blessing to his elderly billet family-another great experience.

Our best to you and the future players and coaches of the Jersey Shore Whalers.  Hope you all prosper as much as we have these past two years.  Please consider this our testimonial and high recommendation for anyone considering the Jersey Shore Whalers." Jim and Janet Syre

"In the close to 10 yrs my son has been playing hockey this was by far the best season we've been part of. From the front office staff, coaches, video guys, parents and players it was such an enjoyable season. The Whalers are a top notch organization that we plan to be part of for a long time. The McCarthys."

"First of all I just want to say thank you to the organization and especially the coaching staff for a wonderful year. It was a great experience for me and I liked everything about this team. The community is great, environment is awesome. The program is all about helping players out and I think coaches staff did a great job on that and made a huge input on my success during the season. So I truly think that this is a perfect place for anyone who wants to pursue hockey. It's here, the Jersey Shore Whalers! The place of opportunities." Fransel Milango
"Being a part of the Jersey Shore Whalers for both years of operation has been great. Competing on both the U18 and Empire teams has been extremely rewarding due to the committed Coaching Staff. Mr. Lamipiasi and the administration run an amazing organization which helped me to grow on and off the ice. I look forward to watching the Whalers grow and continue to succeed as well as help prepare players for the next level."  
Mikey Leather U18 2013 o U18 Captain 2014 o USPHL Empire 2014-2015 o USPHL USP3 2015-2016 o USP3 Captain 2016-2017